Friday, July 15, 2011

Guest Post #2 - Vegetarianism: How Peter Parker Really Got His Powers?


Vegetarianism: How Peter Parker Really Got His Powers?

Hello, all! Once again, I thought I’d bring my perspectives as a new-ish vegetarian to you. As you can tell from my wife’s recipes, I have been eating very, very well. The vegan meals she comes up with have been incredibly delicious and I highly recommend everything she’s shared with you all. That goes double for the smoothies she’s written about. DELICIOUS!

Today, I thought I’d mention an interesting little thing I’ve noticed of late. Now, I can’t be 100% sure that what I’m about to share is due entirely to becoming a vegetarian/almost vegan but it’s the only real thing that I can think of that could explain this development, since nothing else in my life has changed. What I’ve noticed is that my reflexes (mainly my hand-eye coordination) have improved significantly over the past few months. That might not sound huge to you all, but to a klutz like myself, it’s pretty big.

I’ve noticed that if I knock something off of a shelf or a desk, I can almost always catch the item before it hits the ground.. Even if I can’t reach the knocked over product with my hands in time, I can usually place my foot under it in time to soften the landing. Pens, bottles, glasses, cups, keys, you name it, if it’s just laying around on a counter and I knock it off, I am now, almost always able to grab it out of the air. An ability I’ve never really had.

Another amazing example of this new found ‘power’ is the other day while I was at work, a manager of mine was standing roughly 10-15 feet away, and he tossed a penny into the air in my direction. Despite not really seeing the penny’s trajectory as it traveled through the air towards me, I threw my arm out, swiping in a downward arch, catching the penny in mid air. I’d only seen the penny for a fraction of a second before catching it! A year ago I probably would’ve missed it by a mile or I would’ve grazed it and had it roll away under some cabinet.

My wife has shared many stories with me of the enhancing, and healing properties of various fruits and veggies and I find it hard to believe that my improved reflexes aren’t linked in some way to the massive increase of fruits and veggies in my diet. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still drop things from time to time, but it’s less often. Now every time my newly improved reflexes allow me to do something incredible I’m reminded of that scene in ‘Spider-Man’ where Tobey Maguire is in the cafeteria and catches the food that went flying in the air perfectly on a tray. So, if I suddenly start climbing walls or defying gravity, I will let you know.

Good eating, everyone! See you all soon.

- Matthew


  1. Interesting..I myself am very clumsy...will have to add more veggies to my diet..will let you know if I quit tripping over my own feet! ST

  2. haha ST - has it worked yet for you? Have you become less of a klutz by now? ;)