About This Blog...

This blog is not meant to solely be about Veganism, which is why I hope that even non-vegans will find it beneficial. Veganism might be at the heart of this project but when viewing the big picture this blog is about the interconnectedness of all things. It’s about action and reaction and how our actions can effect the world and promote change for the worse or the greater good, often without us even realizing it. Veganism is at the heart of this blog because the food we eat has a direct impact not only on our own physical and mental health but on our environment, as well as our economy. It might never have occurred to you - as it hadn’t to me, before going vegan - that a question as simple as "What’s for dinner?" can effect a great many issues from Global Famine, Pollution, Climate Change, Animal Rights, Human Rights, Illegal Immigration, Epidemic/Pandemic Outbreaks, and War. In this space i hope to touch upon all of these topics and more.

This blog is my modest attempt to spread information that can help encourage people to make more informed choices about the food we eat, the products we buy and the practices we engage in. My goal is to create a greater social awareness and to help provide the tools that can empower us to live more thoughtful, selfless lives of compassion. I also wanted to create a space to provide veteran vegans, new vegans, non-vegans and the vegan-curious alike, with outreach and support. Where we can mingle together and exchange thoughts, feelings and ideas without fear and disrespect.

Through my evolution as a vegan I’ve been looking for a way to give back, to the community, to the planet, and to the animals. I’ve been overwhelmed with the deepening desire to do my part to help those around me. As a recent vegan myself living in the land of beef and feed-grain I know just how difficult it can be to make the change and to navigate through this world with open eyes, open hearts and open minds, especially with little or no support. So if my humble efforts can help in anyway I shall remain ever grateful.

If you have any further questions or comments that you wish to share with me privately you can contact me by email at goodkarmakitchen@outlook.com

What You Can Expect To Find Here...

- Free Recipes!! Most of them my own, but there will probably be a good smattering of recipes originally created by others, (these recipes will be labeled with due credit going to their original authors) as I am currently and furiously working my way through some beloved cookbooks in an attempt to make every dish.

- Articles about health and nutrition

- Articles about Agriculture and the Food Industry

- Tips and instructions on how to cook and bake vegan

- Tips for eating more healthfully

- Tips for living and eating vegan in a non-vegan world

- Tips for communicating compassionately with non-vegan friends and family

- Tips for navigating non-vegan social situations

- My own personal stories of transformation

- Spotlight Food: A series in which I post about a different food, giving you not only the history of it’s cultivation, but providing you with it’s many uses as well as it’s nutritional information

- The Spice of Life - A series in which I post about a different herb, giving you not only the history of it's cultivation but providing you with it's many uses as well as it's nutritional information.

- Articles about environmental issues

- Tips for living a more eco-friendly life

- Articles about animal rights

- Stories about animals

- Articles about compassion and tips for living a more compassionate life

- Words of support, encouragement, and inspiration

- Occasional restaurant, relevant book and film reviews