Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Juice Fast Day 5...

Sweet Greens

Friday was my fifth and unfortunately last day of juice fasting. I had originally intended to do the juice fast for a minimum of 7 days but hoping to achieve a maximum of 10 days. However an unforseen event changed all that. Those of you who know me, know that I’m clumsy, very much so. I’m constantly dropping things, spilling things, falling over, tripping, stumbling, breaking things, hurting myself etcetera. Friday afternoon was just another clumsy misstep in a long line of them. I was frantically trying to get my things together before work, while simultaneously trying to organize the kitchen. My juicer was still disassembled from breakfast, and the parts were scattered over the counter top to dry. In a flash I decided I should hand dry the parts and put the machine back together before work, so as I scrambled to do this I accidently knocked one of the pieces off of the counter top where it went crashing to the floor - breaking. Yes, after less then 10 days I broke my brand new juicer! Can you believe it? I was so upset, heartbroken really. The piece that broke was pretty important, it’s the part the houses the blade and pulp basket, it also has the nozzle that directs juice into your glass. The juicer doesn’t really work without it. So a few tears later and a long story short we were able to order a replacement part, however there was no getting it by the next day and thus my fast was ended for me. Which sucks because Friday ended up being the best day of the fast!

8:30am - Woke up, felt very happy, and positive and looking forward to the day. However since I went to bed kind of late I was also feeling a bit lazy, and since I didn’t need to be at work for hours, and since I didn’t have anything pressing to do I decided to remain in bed with my husband and cuddle. It’s not often the case that we have a lot of free-time in the morning to cuddle and be carefree so when these opportunities present themselves I always try to take them.

10:30am -We finally got out of bed. I was still feeling pretty good. Happy, rested, rejuvenated. Though I’d gone to bed late I’d had a particularly good nights sleep..

11:30am - Made breakfast. 30oz Green Juice called Sweet Greens from Kris Carr’sCrazy Sexy Kitchen” which had Apple, Kiwi, Lemon, Cucumber, Kale, Romaine and it was suppose to have dandelion Greens as well, but I didn’t have those so I subbed arugula instead. Man I really like juicing arugula!  Overall the juice was pretty darn good.

12:30am - I decided to make a 25oz fruit juice called Apple Twist from "The Art of Raw Living Food" by  Doreen Virtue and Jenny Ross. It had Apples, Pears, and Blood Oranges. SO YUM! Really, truly amazing!

Apple Twist

1pm - Went for a walk.

2:45pm - Started getting ready for work. I was feeling good, full of energy and positive. I wasn’t hungry yet but knew I would probably be hungry in a couple of hours. I debated making juice to bring with me to drink on my breaks but then realized I wouldn’t have enough time to make any juice plus clean the machine before I needed to leave. Instead I opted to make a coconut-wheatgrass-spirulina drink to take with me, and it was just around this time that I broke my juicer. I suppose at this point I could have ended the fast, but I was feeling so good that I was determined to make it a full five days at least.

6pm - Drank half of my coconut water-wheatgrass drink on break then went and bought a 16oz raw fresh pressed pineapple, apple, mint juice. This was fantastic! The juice was made by a company called BluePrint Juice and it was really phenomenal!

8pm - Drank a couple of glasses of water and a kombucha

10pm - Finished the rest of my coconut water - wheatgrass drink

Coconut Water-Wheatgrass-Spirulina

11:15pm - Upon arriving home from work I wasn’t feeling hungry at all, but I felt I should have something so I just had some herbal tea and a bit more coconut water. Plain this time, no wheatgrass.

12:30am - Went to bed.

Overall Thoughts for the Day - 

This was the best day by far. I felt positive all day, and aside from breaking my juicer I didn’t feel depressed or frustrated at all. I never once thought about braking my fast or even wanting to break it. I was looking so forward to achieving seven days, and feeling positive and confident enough in myself to think I could probably manage ten days after all. I was high on good vibes and I had a lot of energy which was nice. I don’t know if I would say I had more energy on Friday then on any other Friday, but I certainly started having more energy then I’d had on pervious days of the fast.

As for ‘Detox’ symptoms there were none, and I really mean that. No headaches, and there was no stinky vegetable breath, and no vegetable taste in my mouth. Not even after I drank my breakfast juice or any other juice or the wheatgrass. My mouth tasted clean, and my breath smelt normal, finally. I think I was more happy about this then almost anything else because that vegetable taste was really driving me mad. I still had a white coating on my tongue but it wasn’t as much, and of course all the other things still applied. Meaning the bacterial infection was gone, the itchy skin was gone, the itchy ears, the pimples, the gas, the bloating. Everything had cleared up and I’d even lost a little weight on top of it. I  felt really fantastic, light, and clean. It’s really hard to accurately describe just how good I was feeling, but I felt like I could do anything like I could conquer any task. I felt really alive. So I was pretty sad my fast came to such an abrupt end.


  1. These sound yummy !! I miss wheatgrass I used to eat it everyday and then stopped..What brand do you get?

  2. I love wheatgrass too! I use the Amazing Grass Organic Wheatgrass Powder, I used to by the Frozen wheatgrass cubes but the powder is a bit more economical.