Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Green Hydration Smoothie...

You know how sometimes you wake up and feel super desperate for water? Somehow over the course of the night your mouth transformed into a desert wasteland and now your body is just aching for some good old fashion hydration? In addition to drinking some delicious agua upon waking this smoothie is the perfect solution. It’s not only hydrating but refreshing. I consider all the ingredients in this smoothie to either be hydrating or refreshing. Cucumbers are especially hydrating because they contain so much water themselves, they’re also super refreshing particularly on a hot day. Mint too helps to calm and cool the body leaving you feeling oh so good, and bananas help replenish your electrolytes.

The great thing about this smoothie - in addition to it being delicious - is that it’s super light. It has a consistency more akin to a juice rather then a smoothie due to all the high water content produce within. So you can drink a large amount of it and not feel bogged down or overly full. In fact even if you drink the entire blender full you’ll still have a bit of room to have a bit of solid breakfast if you wish. I recommend drinking this smoothie upon first waking, then get yourself into some exercise, light cardio, a brisk walk a nice jog, then come home and drink another glass with a bit of breakfast. It’s the perfect start to a beautiful day.

Green Hydration Smoothie

1 Small Zucchini
1 Large Cucumber seeded ***
1 thumb sized knob of Ginger Root (or to taste)
2 Granny Smith Apples (or Pink Lady or a Combination)
2 C Water
6 Leaves Fresh Mint (or to taste)
2 Packets Stevia
3-4 Tbsp Lime Juice
1 Banana

- Place all ingredients except stevia in a high-speed blender and blend on high for 60 seconds or until completely smooth. Add in Stevia, blend to incorporate and serve.

*** Note - You do not have to seed your cucumber if you don’t want to. However I find that depending on the cucumber the seeds can be sweet or bitter. I recommend tasting a piece of your cuke and if the seeds are bitter remove them. If not feel free to leave them in ***

*** Note - Because this is a question I often get I would like to make it clear that whenever I’m using non-organic produce I always, always peel it. If you are using non-organic zucchini or cucumber or apples in this recipe I urge you to peel them! If you are using organic then there is no need for you to do so. Just give them a wash. As for water, whenever I call for water in recipes particularly smoothie, sauces or other non-cooked recipes I’m always talking about filtered water. You can use bottled or filtered tap, whatever works for you, but I don’t recommend using unfiltered tap water, particularly if you’re living in an area where the water might not be so pure.***


  1. Have to try this, it really sounds refreshing and delicious! My skin could really use a little hydration! You have so many wonderful receipts and information on your site, I enjoy checking it almost daily to see what's new! Thank You!!! S.T.

  2. Looks good! Thanks for sharing. - M