Friday, December 9, 2011

Product Review - So Delicious Mint Chocolate Coconut Milk...

I am one of those strange people that actually really loves the combination of mint and chocolate. I know it is a popular flavor combination but amongst my friends and family at least I seem to be pretty much alone in this enjoyment. However I’m very picky about it, you see I don’t like either flavor to be too overpowering and so I find a lot of commercially produced chocolate mint concoctions to be unpleasing in one way or another. The mint really can’t overshadow the delicious richness of the chocolate, and the chocolate can’t be so strong and so rich as to leave the mint tasting bland or artificial.

Last year at Christmas time I bought a carton of Silk’s Mint Chocolate Soy Milk on a whim, just because I thought it might be something fun to try out. Plus I really wanted to make the truffles recipe on the side of the carton! (Which turned out really fantastic by the way) Surprisingly I quite liked it. The flavor was really good. However I found as I got to nearer and near to the end of the carton I became less and less enthusiastic about it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s good, and I definitely recommend you try it if you see it around, but as I said I’m picky about my mint chocolate and the combination wasn’t quite right for my taste. The more of it I drank, the more I realized it was leaving an aftertaste in my mouth. The kind of aftertaste you always get when you’ve eaten WAY to much chocolate, you know? But I was getting that after just a few sips, and the mint flavor started to become artificial to me.

Since then, I wasn’t really planning on buying another Chocolate Mint non-dairy milk, but because I loved So Delicious’s Nog so much, and because I saw they also had a Chocolate Mint variety I decided ‘What the hell’ and bought a carton. I was pleasantly surprised with the So Delicious version, as I thought the combination of flavors was quite perfect. Drinking So Delicious doesn’t leave me with that ‘too rich’ aftertaste in my mouth and the mint flavor doesn’t taste artificial. The flavors blend really well together and neither one really overpowers the other. In fact I think they played it a little safe, as this mint chocolate milk is a lot mellower then I was expecting. Not that, that’s a bad thing at all, in the end it probably works out for the best. I’ll definitely buy this again.

So if you like mint chocolate like I do, or you’re just interested in trying the latest non-dairy milk Holiday flavor then definitely check this one out. Also you have the added bonus of it being soy and gluten free as it’s made form coconut milk.

PS: As good as this milk is cold I think it would also be excellent heated with a few vegan marshmallows in it, and I think it would make for a really good baste to a mint chocolate pudding! The possibilities are endless!

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  1. The possibilities ARE endless for me at least... since I don't like a lot of mint products. lol But I'm glad you enjoyed it. - M