Saturday, October 10, 2015

Restaurant Review: 3G Vegetarian Restaurant, in Vancouver...

When we went home to visit my family last September we took the opportunity to try some new (To us) restaurants, as well as to re-visit old favorites. 3G is a place I've actually wanted to go for quite some time, but I never seemed to make it there on previous trips home. I either never had time, or it was too out of the way. This trip however we made an effort to go, and it was near something else we were doing. Technically, we were suppose to be going out to eat with some family later in the day, but we couldn't help ourselves from sneaking in an extra meal, and I'm so glad we did.

When we arrived it was early, maybe a bit before noon or so. The place was empty except for us, which I liked because it was peaceful. The staff was super nice, friendly and helpful. Very welcoming and they really seemed to appreciate our patronage which I always find nice, because it makes me even happier to be there!

The menu is extensive, and so we found it really hard to choose what to eat, but the main reason I wanted to eat at 3G was because it's a Dim Sum restaurant. Now, if you're from Vancouver you know Dim Sum is a big deal, it's everywhere in the city (like Sushi) but it's rare to find a place that has vegan Dim Sum. 3G SPECIALIZES in Dim Sum, and that makes it amazing!

Unfortunately since it was way back in September I don't remember all what we ordered, but needless to say we ordered a lot of dumplings. Veggie Dumplings, vegan Chicken Dumplings, vegan Shrimp Dumplings. You name it, we got it. We ordered Sesame Balls (one of my favorites) and Some Shanghai Noodles for good measure. We also ordered a mixed vegan seafood dish in sweet and sour sauce which was also quite good.

All in all the food was excellent, the service was great, and the price was reasonable for how much food we got and how full we were when we left. I seriously recommend this place, If you're in Van and you love Asian food, and particularly Dim Sum, check it out!

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