Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Restaurant Review: Cartems Donuterie, In Vancouver...

So, once I heard that there was a donut shop in Vancouver selling vegan Earl Grey donuts I knew I had to check it out. In fact when we were in Vancouver last September visiting family that was the very first place we went the morning of our arrival.

Apple Pie

The shop is in what I think is a somewhat weird location, and it seems kind of 'off the beaten path' but the inside makes up for it's lackluster exterior. The shop is warm and inviting, with sleek wooden floors, big tables, and delicious aromas. The staff were all super friendly and super nice. We ordered quite a few donuts and asked several questions and they were very patient with us.

Classic Chocolate Glaze and Earl Grey

Maple Walnut and Earl Grey

The Donuterie is not specifically vegan. They sell omnivore donuts and gluten-free donuts as well, but what I like about them is unlike other non-vegan places they have more then just one or two options. They have an entire case devoted to vegan donuts and the flavors are both classic and creative. I mean, and Earl Grey donut! How awesome is that? They also make pretty good coffee. Though the place is a little expensive, it is totally worth it, especially if this is a 'treat yourself' experience rather then an every day one.

If you're in or around Vancouver you have to check them out! They have two locations, I went to the one on W. Pender.

Apple Fritter

Cartems Donuterie

534 W Pender St, Vancouver

2190 Main St , Vancouver

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