Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nutty Fruity Banana Yogurt Bowl...

You know there are some mornings when you wake up and you just want to poor some sugary cereal into a bowl and scarf it down. You’re tired, you have a busy day ahead of you and the thought of actually taking some time out to make a breakfast is just too daunting. Well I have the perfect solution. Last week I was going through something of a banana craze, which is odd for me considering I don’t really like bananas - never have - at least not in their whole state. Banana flavored things, or banana in something - such as banana bread - okay, but on their own, No. However last week for whatever reason I was mad for bananas, eating at least 2 a day, and sometimes 3. One night I was craving bananas so bad that my husband and I made a Midnight run to the local 24 hour grocery and spent about $5 on bananas. Do you know how many bananas you can get for $5? Well at 55c per pound I’ll tell you it’s quite a lot! Subsequently around the same time I was craving nuts, walnuts and cashews in particular and so the following morning I assembled this simple yet delicious breakfast using some leftover fruit and vanilla soy yogurt that needed to be gotten rid of.

Nutty Fruity Banana Yogurt Bowl

1 large banana sliced
1/4 C strawberries sliced
1/4 C dark red cherries sliced
1 tsp hemp seeds
1/4 C Walnuts chopped
less then half 1/4 C chopped cashews
1/2C Vanilla Soy Yogurt

- Pour Vanilla Soy Yogurt into a bowl

- Layer in your sliced cherries, strawberries and sliced banana.

= Top with chopped nuts, and hemp seeds and enjoy!

It really is as simple as that. It might take a couple minutes longer then dumping cereal into a bowl but it is a lot more nutritious, and far more satisfying. Another great thing about it is that the fruit and nuts are pretty interchangeable. Use whatever you have on hand, I think Pecans or pistachios would work really well, and to make things even easier use fresh berries instead of slicing up strawberries and cherries. Or just use extra banana. For example 2 bananas instead of the additional sliced fruit.

I do however suggest you try it my way at least once though as it really is amazing. In fact I ended up eating some variation of this bowl for breakfast all week. It’s a great way to start your day, I promise! Even though there’s only one banana in the bowl it packs a heavy banana punch and the other fruits are kind of muted by it, lending to the bowl that hint of sweetness you might be craving in the early or mid morning. I think this bowl Is even tasty and sweet enough to use as a healthful desert, which I may have done more then once.

PS: I’m not really a fan of soy yogurt. Most brands to me taste very soy-like and artificial. However I do highly recommend the Wildwood Brand Vanilla Soygurt, it’s so good you can eat it straight out of the carton. You can also use it for baking. Check it out!


  1. This looks so good that I ran out and bought soy yogurt tonight, this will be tomorrows breakfast. Can't wait to wake up tomorrow. Thanks for what I'm sure will taste great! ST

  2. I did try this for breakfast, loved it, I didn't have hemp seeds so I used chai seeds instead it was really good, a nice change from my usual soy smoothie or bowl of steal cut oats! ST

  3. Nuts to this! lol jk I think I'LL just put in all fruits & use almond vanilla milk. ;) HOWEVER, if I did like nuts, I'm sure this would be delicious! - Matt