Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Back! - Vegan Mofo 2012...

It’s that time again folks - Vegan Mofo!  I’m gearing up, I’ve got a plan, I’m ready, I’m excited. This is only my second year doing Vegan Mofo, which for those of you who don’t know is a world-wide blogging event. It’s a personal challenge undertaken each October where vegans the world over - and some non-vegans too - try to post at least 20 times, on topics that are exclusively related to vegan food. A lot of people take this opportunity to create a wealth of new recipes, some like to use it as a way to gear up for the holidays. Since when I post recipes they’re always my own anyway I decided for last year that I would spend the month cooking recipes from other people. That seemed a pretty popular idea, and what I like about it is that it gives other people an idea of what particular cook books are like. There are not - in my opinion - enough good vegan cook book reviews, particularly when it comes to the specifics of various dishes.

So this year I decided I would do the same thing. Spend the month blogging about the delicious things I make from my stockpile of cook books. However within the context of that parameter I decided I wanted a theme, and I decided that theme would be Delicious and Decadent Vegan Sandwiches. Over the summer I was really into making homemade veggie burgers and a few weeks ago I was on a real sandwich fix, so I thought it would be perfect. It’ll be a fun way to show that vegan food is just as good, fun, and simple as anything else, and that if you want it to be it can be just as ‘bad for you’ or at least feel that way, haha...

Since last year I missed 2 weeks of Mofo due to being on vacation I posted twice daily to make up for the absence, to ensure that I would at least reach the 20 post quota. This year I won’t be on vacation - my only other commitment this month is Thanksgiving on October 8th - however I got really used to the intensity of posting twice a day, and I kind of like the idea of it. So I’m going to attempt to post two sandwiches a day, and we’ll see what happens.

Now for a little definition - when I say Sandwiches I basically mean anything between or on bread or bread like food. So in addition to regular ole’ sandwiches I’ll possibly also do open-faced sandwiches, burgers, wraps, taco’s, burritos, and things of that nature. I’ve got a list of 55 written down of 55 possible sandwiches that I’d like to make, and many of those recipes also require making extras like condiments and even the breads themselves, so it’s going to be a busy month. I’m interested in finding out how many I’m capable of making in a month, I just hope I’m not sick of sandwiches by the end of Mofo!

So Happy Vegan Mofo to everyone participating - I am just as eager to see what all of you come up with!


  1. Cool! I am sooo looking forward to seeing everyone's posts! First time participating...Vegan MOFO 2012!

  2. Happy MOFO to you! Very curious to see how many amazing, wraps sandwiches and pitas you can come up with,,good luck! S.T

  3. Happy Mofo Leslie! Good Luck! I'll have to come take a look at what you're posting. I'm excited too, I loved reading everyone's posts last year but it was so hard to keep up! haha...