Thursday, November 21, 2013

Product Review - Califa Farms: Holiday Nog...

A couple of days ago I posted about Califa Farms new Iced Coffee Almond Milks. I also mentioned in that post that they have begun making a Holiday Nog, but I didn’t go into too much detail about that because I thought their new nog deserved it’s own post.

Eggnog - or just Nog as I prefer to call it now - is so connected with the holiday season for most of us. Like many people I used to love nog when I was a kid, I would drink cartons of the stuff. It just wasn’t Christmas without a glass of nog you know? When I entered my twenties I realized my taste for it had changed and even though I still liked it I noticed that drinking a full glass of it made me sick. I began drinking it less frequently, until I gave it up for good when I went vegan. This wasn’t a big loss mind you, but something about the holidays always makes me want a cool glass of nog. It kind of makes you all warm and fuzzy inside you know?

Well, there are several great vegan nog options for offer these days. So Delicious Coconut Milk Nog  is by far my favorite, but when I saw Califa Farms almond milk nog I just knew I’d have to try it. I love the cute holiday design on the bottle - though as I mentioned in my earlier review of Califa I wish the bottles were glass.

I also love that this nog is made with almond milk rather then soy. Not that I have anything against soy mind you but almond milk is my favorite. I really love that this particular nog isn’t overly sweet. In fact compared to virtually all of the other nogs I’ve tried - dairy and non-dairy - this is probably the least sweet tasting. Calorie wise this is about 100 calories per 8oz which keeps it on par with everyone else. Though the bottle says it’s 50 calories per serving they list a serving size as 4oz which translates to a half glass. Unless you have very small glasses!  I also love the taste, it’s got a very nog-like flavor. In fact I think this is possibly the closest to actual dairy nog, that I’ve tried. I know it’s been years since I’ve had actual dairy nog but I think it would be very difficult for a person to tell the difference.

Having said all that however I think the texture is just slightly thin for nog. I also detect just the slightest hint of almond flavor. This is not a bad thing if you like almond milk as much as I do, but some people might not like ir. Lastly I don’t think that this nog is quite as rich as dairy nog, nor do I think it’s as rich as the coconut milk nog. This may not be a big deal for some people, and certainly the flavor is definitely there, but If I’m being honest I did kind of miss that richness, and thick texture.

Overall I would say this is a really good holiday nog though, and I really recommend it to all you vegan nog lovers out there. The coconut milk nog remains my favorite but this is a close runner-up, and I will most likely buy another bottle before the holiday season ends.

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