Sunday, March 18, 2012

Product Review - Mmm... Tea Raw Kombucha...

The other day when I posted about GT’s Kombucha I mentioned that a new brand of Kombucha was slowly winning my heart. Excluding GT’s and the Kombucha I drank while in Maui Mmm.. Tea’s Elderberry infused Kombucha is one of the best I’ve drunk.

This line of Kombucha just recently made it’s way to my local health food store and so far I’ve only seen four flavors. Original Black Tea, Original Green Tea, Elderberry Black Tea, and Elderberry Green Tea. Both versions of the Elderberry are amazingly delicious. The flavor is tart but sweet, yet not to sweet, and I find it has a much milder taste then the other kombucha I’ve tried including GT’s. Which is great for those weary of kombucha or those not accustomed to the taste. While it’s definitely tart, it’s less vinegary, and imparts less of a burning sensation when you drink it. I look forward to trying the original flavors.

Another cool thing about this Kombucha if you live in IL, and care about your carbon footprint - it’s local! The company is based in Buffalo Grove.  Like GT’s Mmm... Tea is also vegan, raw, free of preservatives and GMO’s. Low calorie, and low carb. Though it does contain organic ingrdients it’s not certified organic as a whole, it also contains cane sugar but not much. 6g per bottle.

While it has yet to surpass the awesomeness of GT’s in my eyes, it is very good and I quite enjoy it. I like to alternate between them drinking GT’s for a few days, and then drink a couple Mmm... Tea’s. I only wish Mmm.. Tea had a larger selection of flavors. Perhaps soon.

In addition to all the health claims about Kombucha that I mentioned in my post about GT’s. Kombucha is also said to support overall immunity, and promote a healthy metabolism meaning it can supposedly help you control your weight. Who doesn’t love that? Really, is there anything kombucha can’t do?

I’ve been drinking a kombucha a day for roughly two weeks now and I feel great, absolutely fantastic, and I should mention that since I typically drink it in the afternoon after a walk or some other form of exercise I find it does help stave off food cravings and hunger pains. Which is fantastic, when my stomach isn’t groaning and threatening to consume itself out of desparation I find I’m far more likely to take the time to make a healthful nourishing snack rather then just grab whatever’s lying around. So if weight control is something you’re struggling with you may want to consider drinking Kombucha regularly to see how you feel and how it works for you!

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  1. While I don't like Kombucha, I'm glad you're enjoying them & that they're helping you. Go, Kombucha, go! ;)