Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Important Vegan Mofo 2012 Announcement...

I chose sandwiches as my theme for this year’s vegan mofo because I love a good sandwich and yet I hardly ever make them. I thought it would be fun, and interesting and a great way to utilize cook books I haven’t had the opportunity to use much. I have however very quickly realized that this is not going to work out. I had set myself the goal of making roughly fifty-plus sandwiches over the course of this month, I chose that number simple because there were so many good sandwich choices that I was having trouble narrowing it down. Unfortunately I see now that I’ve bitten off a little more then I can chew - literally. It’s only day 10 and I’m already sick to death of sandwiches. I’m typically not a bread eater, I don’t know why. It’s not a food I go out of my way to avoid, I’m not gluten-incoherent it’s just not something I ever think to eat. So on an average week I probably only ever eat bread once or maybe twice a week. With this sandwich extravaganza in full swing I’ve been eating anywhere from 2-8 slices of bread a day! For me that’s a lot, and I’m feeling it. I feel full, overstuffed actually, bloated, lazy and gross. When you eat that many sandwiches there isn’t much room for anything else, at least not in my stomach anyway and so I haven’t been getting near enough fresh fruits and veggies lately - there’s been too much soy and seitan.

It’s not as if I’ve really been eating particularly bad or unhealthy food either, it’s just the heaviness of it all that’s getting to me. I love me some gourmet food, but a lot of the time I love simple fruits and veggies more. For me, for my body this is unsustainable, and parts of me are rebelling. Especially after the all-out-gorge-fest that was Thanksgiving. I am craving simple, home cooking.

Of course I don’t want to wimp out and give up on vegan mofo this year, that wouldn’t be any fun! So I’m going to just do the best I can. I’m going to try and shoot for doing thirty-one sandwiches, that gives you one for everyday of Mofo. I’ve already done 10, and I’ve got eight more backlogged on my computer so that should be manageable.

I’ll have to remember this for next year and either prepare my theme a month or so in advance or do as I did my first year and have no theme.

Happy Mofo Everyone!


  1. "It’s not as if I’ve really been eating particularly bad or unhealthy food either, it’s just the heaviness of it all that’s getting to me."

    No, it's not only the heaviness of those foods but the nutrients of those.

    Christine Eubanks
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  2. It's true, eating sandwiches all day is a lot less nutritionally dense then what i'd normally eat.