Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Rejuvenator...

It’s an absolutely gorgeous day in Chicagoland today. Sunny, and warm with a nice breeze. My favorite kind of day and I’ve been taking advantage of it by spending time outside walking and hooping, and by having all the shades and windows open while I’ve been in. It’s amazing just how good a little sunshine and exercise can make you feel!

Now I don’t know about you but I know when the seasons begin to change I begin to change with them. My habits, my food choices, my overall routine - it all shifts. During the cold winter months this usually means I eat hardier heavier fare, exercise less and stay indoors more. Something I always feel good about in the beginning because who doesn’t like to laze about a bit after the long hot sweaty months? Truth is though, I hate being cooped up indoors, I hate the stale re-circulated air, and I hate not being able to go for long walks or ride my bike. Then of course there’s the food, now as much as I love stews, soups, chilies, pasta, baked goods, sweets and creamy gooey comfort food goodness there always comes a point where I feel enough is enough. By the time Spring rolls around all I want to do is run, and eat salad. Even if I haven’t gained any weight over the winter - which I usually don’t - I always feel heavier, bogged down, and just generally sick of spirt I suppose. Which is exactly how I was feeling last Friday after a week long adventure in cooking Latin food. It was so good - mouth watering good, and it was so much fun to begin learning a new cuisine but by the end of the week I just wanted to die. I was so stuffed, so tired, so clogged up; everything about my body and my spirt felt out of whack, they were no longer working in harmony with one another, and I felt awful.

The only way I know how to remedy this is to get myself back to basics. Get off the sugar, get off the starch, get off the corn, soy and wheat. Get myself back into a routine of green smoothies, salads, and a lot more fresh raw produce. Cutting all that out and just eating and living simply is the best way to flush out the body and restore balance to both your physical and spiritual self. After only two days I’m feeling better, healthier, lighter, happier and more positive then I have in months. It’s a wonderful feeling, and so I wanted to share with you the smoothie I made Saturday morning to get myself back on track. It’s so delicious and invigorating that I drank the entire blender full in about twenty minutes, and felt fantastic all day. My sugar cravings diminished and my belly stayed full all afternoon without making me feel like death, not to mention I felt less tired and more energized.

I highly recommend you kick off the new season with a cleanse of your own, and include this refreshing, rejuvenating drink!

Happy Spring!

The Rejuvenator

2 Cara Cara Oranges***
3-4 Large Kale Leaves
1 D’Anjou Pear
1 Banana
1 Granny Smith Apple
1 tsp Spirulina
2 C water
1-2 Tbsp lemon juice
1-2 packets stevia
3-4 sprigs Fresh Mint

- Peel oranges, and remove as much pith (the white skin covering the fruit) as possible.

- Place all ingredients except Stevia in a high-speed blender and blend on high for 60 seconds or until well blended and completely smooth. Taste for sweetness and add stevia to taste.

*** Note - You could use Navel Oranges if you don’t have Cara Cara, however the Cara Cara oranges add a really unique and delicious flavor to this smoothie that Navels will not. Cara Cara’s are a favorite of mine, and for good reason, so I highly recommend you try them if you can find them at your local grocer or farmer’s market. ***

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  1. I love your green drinks. They taste great & they help keep me full. I want more!! ;)