Thursday, January 17, 2013

Product Review - So Delicious: Greek Style Almond Milk Yogurt

Today I bring you a product review, I know Its been a while since I last did one, but this one in particular is one I’ve been wanting to do for some time and it just keeps slipping my mind. The post I did reviewing Amande’s Almond Milk Yogurt in 2011 is one of my most viewed posts, and so I thought a post about a new delicious almond milk based yogurt would be much appreciated.

If you read the Amande post then you know I used to be a real yogurt lover, really I was obsessed with the stuff. Since going vegan however I’ve had little to no desire to actually eat yogurt of any kind including the delicious non-dairy versions available. Still every once in a while I’ll pass by the refrigerated section of the grocery store and the row’s of non-dairy yogurt will catch my eye.  Sometimes I keep walking, sometimes I look to see if there’s anything new, and sometimes I open the glass door and grab myself a couple of yogurts. Typically on the rare occasions I do find myself eating yogurt I’m at work. It’s a quick, easy something to eat on my lunch break that rounded out with a few handfuls of nuts, a banana, and a kombucha keeps me full till the end of the day without my having to ingest a ton of calories. I like that. Unfortunately a lot of the non-dairy yogurts out there, particularly the flavored ones are higher in sugar then I’d like them to be. Then I discovered that So Delicious was making a Greek Style Almond Milk Yogurt.

I happened upon it by accident one day when I was picking up a carton of WildWood Plain yogurt to use in a baking recipe. Since I had never seen it before, and never tried it, and because I quite enjoyed various flavors of So Delicious Coconut Yogurt I decided to grab a few to test them out.

The only flavors of So Delicious Greek Style Almond Milk Yogurt available in my local grocery are Vanilla, Plain and Strawberry though according to their website they also have a blueberry and chocolate flavor. Out of the three that I’ve tried I’d say that the vanilla flavor is my favorite. It’s got a really great flavor and no strange aftertaste. The strawberry flavor is also pretty good but it tastes a tad bit artificial to me. The plain is great for baking, or for throwing into a smoothie or whipping into a dip or making a lassi with. However the hands down best thing about this yogurt is the texture. I said before that Amande had the best texture of all the non-dairy yogurts I’d tried but So Delicious Greek Style Almond Milk yogurt has them beat by miles. This is the thickets non-dairy yogurt I’ve ever come across, and it is probably the only non-dairy yogurt that is truly comparable in texture to actual dairy based Greek Yogurt. Really, believe me when I say the texture of this yogurt is nothing short of a mind-blowing miracle! Other perks of So Delicious’s new Greek Style Almond Milk Yogurt is that in addition to being vegan they’re also gluten-free, and kosher - in case those are concerns for you - as well as being Certified GMO-Free. They are not however certified organic which is a bit of a downer for me, but at least you can feel safe knowing that even though they’re not organic they are free of GMO’s.

Other things that I really like about these yogurts is that they’re significantly lower in sugar then most of the other non-dairy yogurts on the market. The plain flavor has only 6g which is really good. The vanilla has 12 g and the strawberry has 13g. Those numbers seem high - and in truth I’d wish they were a bit lower - however when you consider that most other non-dairy flavored yogurts contain anywhere between 14g-24g of sugar per container this is a pretty significant decrease, and it puts them at the lower end of the spectrum when compared to other non-dairy yogurts. They’re also lower in overall calories then other brands. These three flavors each have 140 calories per container, and only 40 calories come from fat. Again while this may seem high, - and again I wish it were lower - it is significantly less then other brands, or even less then So Delicious’s Coconut Milk Yogurts. It’s typical to see calorie range in non-dairy yogurts be anywhere between 150-220 Calories per container with typically 60-80 calories coming from fat. So I say if you’re going to eat a processed vegan food item like a non-dairy yogurt it’s always best to go with the ones that are GMO-Free, or organic with the fewest calories and the least amount of sugar.

The only drawbacks for me where this yogurt is concerned is that all of their flavors contain Dextrose which is something I really stay away from. However I suppose one little yogurt cup every once in a great while won’t make too much of a difference.

So if you can find So Delicious’s Greek Style Almond Milk Yogurt give it a try, especially if you used to be a yogurt lover like me. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


  1. Can I get this product Sugar Free???

  2. Hey Brenda, as far as I know they only make these three flavors and so they don't have a sugar-free option. Considering this post is from more then a year ago I'm not even sure if they make this product anymore. At least, I haven't seen it in my local health food shop for a while now. But, you can always go to the So Delicious Website and see if they offer any other sugar-free products.