Monday, October 1, 2012

Vegan Mofo #2 - Chloe’s Thai Chickpea Burgers with Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Sauce...

Vegan Mofo #2 - Chloe’s Thai Chickpea Burgers with Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Sauce
The Book - Chloe’s Kitchen
The Author - Chloe Coscarelli
The Recipe - Thai Chickpea Burgers with Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Sauce
Page #121
Difficulty - Easy
Duration - 30-40 minutes depending on how fast you’re able to whip everything together. Longer if you’d prefer to bake the patties as opposed to frying them.

I am a big fan of anything chickpeas, they are without a doubt my favorite bean, and I could eat them cold straight out of the can. I’m also a huge fan of falafel and falafel type things, so I was eager to test this recipe out. The fact that it’s pretty simple to prepare and comes together rather fast was a bonus since I had to make it all yesterday morning before heading off to work.

I haven’t made a lot of recipes in Chloe’s Kitchen, but of the one’s I’ve made I haven’t been steered wrong yet, and these burgers are no exception. I love the robust combination of flavor as well as the density of the patties. They’re hearty, they’re filling, they feel like they should be really bad for you but really they’re not. I also love the simplicity. No wheat-gluten, no seitan, no tempeh not even tofu. Just good down-home ingredients that most people already have handy in their fridges and pantries. It’s perfect for a busy weeknight meal, a quick weekend throw-together or an afternoon lunch.

The patties are a blended mixture of chickpeas, onion, garlic, ginger, cilantro, lime juice, jalapeno and a couple of other things. They have a slightly spicy subtly tangy twist, and a vague Thai or Asian fusion feel. They’re especially good paired with the super simple and easy sweet ‘n’ spicy sauce which is just a combination of tomato paste, olive oil, water, agave, vinegar, red pepper flakes and salt though for some extra kick I also added Siracha. Of course no spicy burger would be complete without the addition of cooling avocado.

In the end I served these burgers pretty plain. On simple wheat burger buns, with sweet orange tomatoes from our garden and a smear of Earth Balance Mindful Mayo. I know it sounds so simple, but sometimes simple is all you’re looking for, sometimes simple is what you need.

I’m looking forward to trying more recipes out of Chloe’s Kitchen in the future.

PS: Please excuse the bad lighting I took these pictures close to Midnight and you know how my kitchen lighting is. Also excuse the poor presentation, I wasn’t about to make a side dish just for aesthetics.


  1. They're freaking gorgeous! I love the yellow tomatoes and the flavors all sound fantastic. Nice job.

  2. My mouth is watering, these look so tasty...not to mention AMAZING!! S.T

  3. Thanks guys!!! The Yellow tomatoes definitely give it a distinct look, and they're so sweet that they really complimented the spice in the burger.

  4. They look like delicious burgers and I made Chloe's double down burger tonight so now I will have to try the Thai ones!