Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vegan Mofo #20 - Chloe’s Double Double Drive-Thru Burgers...

Vegan Mofo #20 - Chloe’s Double Double Drive-Thru Burgers

The Book - Chloe’s Kitchen
The Author - Chloe Coscarelli
The Recipe - Double Double Drive-Thru Burgers
Page # 103-105
Difficulty - Easy
Duration - Roughly 40 minutes, a little longer maybe if you bake the burgers instead of frying them.

If you’ve ever flipped through a copy of Chloe’s Kitchen then surly you’ve seen the scrumptious and mouth-watering picture of her Double Double burgers. 3 layers of bun, 2 delicious patties, sliced ripe tomato, red onion and green lettuce slathered in a special sauce. Sound like a Big Mac? Well that’s essentially what it is. A vegan, whole foods based, mind-blowingly delicious big mac.

Like a lot of kids growing up I quite liked a big mac. The thought of that makes me shudder now, and since giving up fast food years ago I can’t say that I’ve ever desired to revisit that particular sandwich. However when faced with Chloe’s wholesome version I couldn’t help but find myself a bit curious, and since I chose sandwiches for this year’s Mofo I thought it the perfect opportunity to give her recipe a try.

I’m really glad because they ended up being so much better then I thought they would be. The burgers are really simple and come together fast. They’re made with tempeh, walnuts, lentils, garlic, olive oil, onion, flour, basil, sea salt, and black pepper. You whip it all up in the food processor, form it into patties and fry them, or bake them in a 400'F oven as I did. The special sauce is equally simple.  Soft tofu, garlic, Dijon mustard, ketchup, agave, salt, pickle relish, and fresh dill are blended together to make a smooth, creamy and outrageously bright sauce.

Your first bite will transport you back to childhood and to your favorite unhealthy fast food. The flavor is incredible, it’s bold, it’s nostalgic. It reminds me of all the things I used to love about those awful burgers of my childhood while making me feel good about eating it. Not only is the whole thing cruelty-free but it’s pretty healthful. Minimal oil - especially if you choose to bake these - whole food ingredients, no cholesterol how can you go wrong? With a side of steamed greens or maybe some baked yam fries it’s perfect! I’m sure I’ll make these patties again in the future though I’m not sure I’ll continue to eat them as doubles. 1 double burger is a lot! Seriously, but it’s worth it at least once!

PS: My husband who has never eaten a big mac before loved these. He said that these were one of his favorites of the entire Mofo Sandwich project so far!


  1. Making these tonight! Can't wait to see how they are. This part of your post made me laugh out loud literally! "Your first bite will transport you back to childhood and to your favorite unhealthy fast food". Stoked!

  2. Awesome! I hope you really enjoy them!