Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vegan Mofo #11 - Robin’s Fast Broccoli-Kale Sandwiches with Tahini Sauce...

Vegan Mofo #11 - Robin’s Fast Broccoli-Kale Sandwiches with Tahini Sauce 

The Book - Big Vegan
The Author - Robin Asbell
The Recipe - Fast Broccoli-Kale Sandwiches with Tahini Sauce
Page # 313
Difficulty - Easy
Duration - 30 minutes or less.

Now if you think eating whole broccoli florets on a sandwich is weird join the club. If you think eating steamed kale on a sandwich is weird I’m right there with you. If it weren’t for mofo I probably never would have made this, but after eating a lot of really delicious and decadent sandwiches this one had everything I was craving. Simplicity, and greens! I mentioned before how few fresh fruits and veggies I’ve been eating this month due to mofo, and this was exactly what the ‘doctor’ ordered. A big ‘ole mess of greens slopped onto a sandwich in a simple yet mouth-watering sauce.

The best part about this sandwich other then the greens is that it’s quick. You simply cut up the broccoli and kale and steam it till tender. Then you toss it into a bowl with tahini, lemon juice, salt, pepper - and if you’re me a bit of garlic - along with halved cherry tomatoes then serve on a bun of your choice. I chose to make the White Panini Rolls from page 196 of Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites because I didn’t have any other bread handy and I didn’t fancy going out just to buy bread. These rolls are super soft and delicious, and very plain which makes them the perfect choice for a boldly flavored sandwich.

Since I had no fresh broccoli on hand either I chose to use frozen, I think it would have worked better with fresh but you do what you can right? Anyway, this sandwich has opened up new worlds to me, and I’ll never again scoff at the idea of broccoli on a sandwich. Pure heaven!

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